Implementing ideas together

From the idea to the finished 3D printed component

As a 3D printing service provider, we are happy to support you in converting your ideas into 3D printed components.
You can send us your finished CAD files or we can work with you to create the corresponding data record in terms of quality and the requirements for the component you need. We can also determine the selection of the material and the finish together.
Problems and weak points are identified early and can be avoided before costs arise.

You decide what you can and want to contribute to it yourself, or what we should do for you.
Challenge us as a problem solver - we are happy to take on this challenge.

Benefits of 3D Printing

  • Time savings in the development and production of prototypes
  • Constructive freedom in previously unknown possibilities
  • Setup and tool-free production
  • Assemblies can be printed as single components in a simplified way