Lothar and Philipp Stern
industrial 3D-printing
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Yout advantages

No appliance
No expenses for tools
No setup expenses

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Maximal Printing Size

Length: 380mm
Width: 280mm
Height: 380mm

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All out of one hand

Consulting and design
Professional 3D printing
Refining (by request)

Fast delivery
(3 to 5 working days from finished design plus post-processing)

For products that otherwise would not exist.

HP 3-D Drucker

HP Multijet Fusion 4200

At the moment we use 6 pieces of Multijet Fusion 4200 from HP, actually the quickest available 3D-printer for quantity production (comparably at the speed of injection molding). In June 2018 we get additional 4 Multijet Fusion 4200.
More favourably produced, faster with you.

Our HP Multijet Fusion 4200

Processing Station

A utomatic mixing of material and systems-loading support the optimization of workflow and reduce working hours.

W ith the included unpacking and material collection system (including laminar hood) there is no additional space for the removal of parts required.

T he printers HP Jet fusion 3D build unit is moved to the cooling immediately after completion of printing. This enables a continuous printing process and increase productivity.

T he HP Jet Fusion 3D Fast Cooling Module reduces the cooling-off period enables a shorter time per part and more parts that are ready same day.

Processing Station


At Stern 3D you get everything from one source - from consulting and design to the finished product. As a HP-Reference Service Provider with one of the largest capacities of HP-3D printers of Europe we get maximum support by the manufacturer.